Spotlight Russia: The treasure produced from Animal Action Education efforts

One of the Russian children's elephant drawings.Every year in my hands gets the treasure. Precious, beautiful, sincere children's drawings, each written with love, care and belief, that it was his picture will help and protect the elephants.

Which elephants I have not seen this year: blue, pink, yellow, striped, paper, wood, fabric and even one in the traditional Russian boots named “valenki”, in the traditional Russian hat with earflaps named “ushanka” and a balalaika. This year we received 6000 artwork and the most original 110 you can see the exhibition on the electronic state of the Darwin Museum.

But that's not all.

Children who have never seen elephants in nature and have little chance to do it once, because in Russia there are no elephants, and a trip to a country where they live is very expensive, decided to do everything for them.

They received 42,000 signatures and 15,000 ribbons in support of elephants. Can you imagine 15,000 children, took in hand, paper, pencils, scissors and began tinkering ribbons, then signed and sent to the International Fund for Animal Welfare Russia office, so we can present them at a meeting of the CITES convention and show the officials that we - the children ask you to protect elephants, here Our ribbons as proof.

I am so glad that IFAW allows children around the world to take part in the protection of rare animals, elephants, tigers, whales, and many others.

IFAW gives us all an opportunity to act and believe in what we retain the wonderful world of animals for future generations.

-- LA

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