Shock and horror as baby grey seals found bludgeoned and frozen

Everyone at the International Fund for Animal Welfare is deeply saddened by last week's news that the 50 seals found earlier this week on Prince Edward Island were beaten brutally and left to freeze to death.

And while we are all know that bludgeoning seals is a perfectly legal activity in Canada, the killing of white-coated seal pups is not. 

The pups found were grey seals, a species currently under attack because of the belief they eat too many fish and are contributing to the lack of recovery of cod stocks, particularly in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.  

A recent study from the Senate of Canada calls for a cull of 70,000 grey seals, despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to support such action.

No living creature deserves to be beaten and left to suffer on a frozen windswept beach.  We are hope the perpetrators of this act are found and held accountable for their actions.


If you’d like to take action to prevent a government-sanctioned cull of grey seals, click here.

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Céline Sissler-Bienvenu, Director, France and Francophone Africa
Director, France and Francophone Africa
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