New collaboration to save Tsavo’s orphaned wildlife

A duiker baby was admitted to the Tsavo Trust orphan animal project last month ©Tsavo TrustCaracal cats Mavric and Goose were so tiny they still had their umbilical cords attached.

A baby duiker, named Anthea, arrived last month when her mother was caught in a snare.

A juvenile zebra wandered into a herd of cows, leaving the herder to wonder how a zebra ended up with his livestock.

Dotty the leopard cub was discovered by wildlife authorities and brought in for urgent medical care; she was so young her eyes weren’t open yet. Officials think her mother was poisoned by unscrupulous thieves.

Newborn caracals Mavric and Goose were rescued and brought in for rehabilitation ©Tsavo Trust

These are the orphaned animals of Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Big or small, spotted or striped, they are all in desperate need of medical care and rehabilitation before going back to the wild.

Tsavo Trust, in close liaison with the Kenya Wildlife Service, has over the last three years been carrying out the process of formally registering the Tsavo Sanctuary as a field-based orphaned and injured small mammal rehab and release site within the Tsavo Conservation Area. Registrations and licensing are now in place and the center is taking in animals needing care.

Dotty, a leopard cub, was brought in for urgent care. ©Tsavo Trust

The center will create jobs for the neighboring community and foster business enterprises to supply the center. For example, Tsavo employs five local keepers and goat farms are providing milk for young animals.

IFAW and Tsavo Trust have formed a collaboration to develop this center with IFAW providing expertise and funding.

Together we will care for Tsavo’s injured and orphaned animals until they are able to take care of themselves and return them to the wild where they belong.


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