Inspiring a new generation of animal advocates with art

The deadline for 2015 entries into this year’s art contest is January 31st, and we hope you get the little people in your life involved! IFAW works to inspire a new generation of people to care for animals, and through our Animal Action Art & Writing Contest we encourage kids to think about their connections to animals and use art to express them creatively.

We invite children from across the globe to participate and submit all sorts of art from paintings to sketches to collage or writing such as poetry or short stories, in 250 words or less, exploring the theme: “Imagine a world without animals.”

The deadline for entries into this year’s contest is January 31st, and we hope you get the little people in your life involved!

Here are just a few great reasons for kids to enter:

  1. Foster Creativity: Artistic expression is linked to improved academic achievement as well as social and emotional development.
  2. Improve Problem Solving Skills: Creative art and writing is an excellent way for children to make choices and solve problems. Every step involves making a decision –what color to use, how to make a line, what size to make something, how to start a paragraph, and choosing the right words. With every choice the creation becomes more and more their own.
  3. Expand Learning Opportunities: By including art and writing contests in children’s curriculum or at home, you can expand children’s learning opportunities by studying some of the subjects that they’ll be painting, drawing, or writing about. IFAW offers a variety of in-depth animal themed educational resources.
  4. Motivation – Obviously only a small percentage can “win” but even an honorable mention can be highly motivational! IFAW acknowledges all children who enter the contest with a certificate. Entering in an art and writing contests can be a great motivation for improving his or her craft.
  5. Following instructions– By entering in IFAW’s Art & Writing contest children will learn how to follow submission instructions and contest rules.
  6. Having fun! –It’s a lot of fun to enter your work into shows and contests!

Visit this web page for complete contest details and to download entry forms. While you are there you might also want to take a look at last year’s winners.

Don’t forget, the deadline is January 31, 2015. We can’t wait to see your children’s creations!


Download complete contest details and entry forms by clicking here.

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