Bali dog Spirit finally has a loving home

Putu Kartama Yasa and son Kadek (pictured holding Spirit) finally adopted this dog from Bali

When we first met Spirit, she was skinny, weak, and had a terrible wound on her back. She had been rescued by Janice Girardi director of our partner Bali Animal Welfare Association – and not a moment too soon.

If Spirit had been left on that street much longer, she surely would have died there.

Frankly, I don’t like to dwell on that part of Spirit’s story, because what came after is just so phenomenal. Thanks to Janice and her friend Paula’s constant care and attention, Spirit sprang back to life. You wouldn’t recognize her; there has been such a difference.

But then Spirit faced another challenge: There was no one to adopt her. It’s not that this was much of a problem for Spirit, mind you. She was loving her life at BAWA’s “puppy house” – where all the dogs in rehabilitation get to hang out. She was fed fantastic food, got plenty of exercise, and had all the company – both human and canine – she could ask for.

In Bali, there just isn’t a culture of adoption. In communities where IFAW and BAWA work, this is starting to change, but slowly. And if there’s no one to adopt dogs in need, pretty soon the puppy house would fill to bursting.

Thankfully, after two years of waiting, Spirit finally found her forever home. Putu Kartama Yasa, his brother Dwi, and son Kadek (pictured) have taken Spirit in. Their family lives in one of the communities our teams work in, and they are true dog lovers.

Spirit got her name from her indomitable optimism and open, caring approach to life. Thanks to IFAW supporters, BAWA was able to rescue and recuperate Spirit, and now we’re so glad that she can share her “spirit” with her new family.


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