In Bali, despite her short life, a dog called “Marti” helped change hearts and minds

Marti on a Bali beach.This is a heart-wrenching and beautiful letter written by a woman whose lovely dog died yesterday in Bali.

The dog’s name was Marti.

She was brought in by the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) ambulance on Saturday night with severe neurologic problems that didn’t abate even with aggressive therapy.

Because of the rabies situation in Bali we also have to be extremely cautious with any dog that shows signs suggestive of rabies (which this dog did). 

Marti was extremely ill, either way, and her prognosis poor. Because of the rabies risk, and the severity and unresponsiveness of her condition, we had to make the horrible decision to euthanize her.

Marti’s guardian is a lovely woman named Wulan, who had adopted Marti from BAWA a few months ago.

The puppy had been rescued at just a few weeks of age from the street by BAWA, and re-homed to this happy home. 

With the Wulan’s love and care, Marti grew from an emaciated, mangy puppy into a gleaming, happy young dog in just a few months.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is developing a community-based companion animal welfare project in collaboration with BAWA.

Among other things, we are working with the veterinary staff at the BAWA clinic to build capacity and to try to help them with some of the very challenging issues that they face here.

Marti’s happy life was due entirely to BAWA and Wulan. Without BAWA, baby Marti would have succumbed to a slow and agonizing death on a rubbish heap, from mange, parasites and malnutrition. And now, when Marti fell so desperately ill, BAWA was able to euthanize her gently so that she needn’t suffer further.

Many people in Bali are kind to dogs and care about them. But there is the deep-seated myth that Bali dogs are wild and unapproachable.

Of course, the dogs are only wary of people because they grow up feeling insecure around people.

BAWA re-homes hundreds of Bali dogs every year, and each dog teaches the new guardians and their children that Bali dogs are affectionate and adoring companions if one only treats them well.

Wulan was one such guardian, who taught her friends and neighbors the heart of a Bali dog.

In Wulan’s own words: “… Marti is a medicine, she heal my friends for being paranoid to a dog …”

Marti was only 6 months old when she died.


Hi All...

I just want to share something, today Marti passed away because indicated have rabies.

This news from BAWA Clinic really shocking me, because i love her so much...even i just adopt her in a few month but she makes me fallin in love...

Marti now in the right place called Heaven... i cant stop crying if i thinking about her..

but im glad i was there, in her good and bad time...

Last Day with Marti she tried to stand up eventhough she cant,and never forget to shake her tail the reason she was doing that is because she want to see me. Even she know she dying she keep trying to keep walking, even she always fall if she walking.

after that Marti sleep beside me and she fainted for 15 munites, and im crying...but finally she woke up and crying because her body feel so hurt.

and she keep shaking again, and i saw she really tired, im really sad because i cant do anything to help her...when she calm i just give her music " I believe in You by Ill Divo..

the reason is hope she know that GOD will take care of her more better.

BAWA ambulance came to my house and she take her, that is the last time i hold her, carry her to her cage...and that the last time i saw her eyes seeing me.

that was last moment with her i never forget..

One thing that you must know, MARTI is a medicine, she heal my friends for being paranoid to a dog, now my friend not afraid again to Dog, because of MARTI..

BAWA thank you allowed me to adopt Marti, im sorry i just feel bad, if im not a good Mom for her...

MARTI Mommy really love you...

and i dont wanna tell this news to Beach a.k.a Darti the other Dog that i adopted, she was MARTI bestfriend.

I attached a few picture with MARTI..I hope You will save or print out and put in BAWA SHOP.

so everyone know that MARTI was a good girl, beautiful Animal that have special place in My Heart.



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