Animal Action Education art & writing contest winners announced

Julianna’s depiction of a chameleon matching the colours of the sunset.Every year the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) offers the opportunity for young artists and writers to express themselves through our Animal Action Art & Writing contest. This year we received paintings, drawings, and poetry from across the country depicting and describing all sorts of animals – from meerkats to spotted salamanders!  

Choosing the winners is a real challenge because there are just so many great pieces of art and writing. This year we enlisted the help of our friends at Gallery 101 in Ottawa to help judge the art portion of the contest. Each judge was able to choose 10 favourites and was on the lookout for good composition, skill, originality, creativity, and thoughtfulness. A great example of this is Julianna’s depiction of a chameleon matching the colours of the sunset above.

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For the writing portion of the contest, young people were asked to write on the theme “Imagine a World Without Animals.” Many entrants wrote about how sad it would be to not hear animal noises like the “hoot of an owl” or the “roar of a lion.” We were very impressed how most of the writing entries also included colourful drawings and lettering.

We are happy to announce that the winners for the art contest and winners for the writing contest have been chosen!

IFAW’s annual “Animal Action Art & Writing Contest” is a part of our Animal Action Education program that offers free education resources to educators. This year’s theme Cats, Dogs and Us [] is available at three levels of instruction (K-2; gr 3-5; gr 6-8) and will help young people understand the relationships and responsibilities people have to cats and dogs.


And remember, it is not too early to enter the contest for the 2015 deadline!

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