Fascinating Blubber Facts: Then and Now

Did you know that during the 19th century, seal blubber was one of Canada’s most important exports and key to modern life in Europe and North America? Why, there was once a time when Canada was practically synonymous with blubber the world over.

The Department of Obsolete Industry has prepared a nifty infographic that demonstrates how this once-mighty industry was struck down by fickle consumer choices.

IFAW Seal Hunt Infographic

Click on the thumbnail above to look at a bigger version of our infographic. 

But it’s not too late for the Commercial Seal Harvest! While worldwide demand may have dried up for seal products, we’re counting on the timeless love Canadians feel for their greasy past—and millions of their tax dollars—to help keep the seal industry afloat.

So whether you spend your weekends performing historical reenactments or simply love the smell of burning seal blubber in the morning, apply today for the new Seal Blubber Innovation Tax Credits.

The Department of Obsolete Industry. Keeping Canada’s Future Stuck in the Past.