Sonja Van Tichelen, Vice President of International Operations

Sonja Van Tichelen

Vice President of International Operations

Sonja van Tichelen provides oversight and guidance to our Regional and Country Offices, including management, communications, fundraising support and strategic planning. 

Previously, Van Tichelen led the Brussels European Union office and the European Regional offices in Den Haag, Hamburg and Reims. With a team of skilled animal welfare advocates, she worked with institutions and member countries to ensure the European Union developed and maintained strong animal welfare and conservation policies.

Professional expertise

Twenty-five years of work in animal welfare policy has ensured Van Tichelen’s thorough knowledge of European and international animal-protection issues in the areas of farming, laboratory animals, wildlife and related policy issues.

Van Tichelen turned her strong interest in sustainable development and animal welfare into a career when she joined Eurogroup for Animals in 1992 after working in marketing and communications in the private sector.

Over the years Van Tichelen has been representing animal welfare interests in wide range of EU and international fora, giving presentations on the EU and animal welfare, as well as radio and TV interviews on a large variety of animal issues. Van Tichelen is fluent in English, French, German and Dutch.

She is currently board member of Sea Alarm, AAP rescue center and the European Alliance for rescue centers (EARS).