Wildlife Crime Prevention - Europe

The European Union is widely considered to be the third largest destination for illegal wildlife

We work closely with policy makers and stakeholders to combat wildlife crime within the European Union.


Today, the EU is a crucial transit hub for illegal wildlife trade. For example, sale of ivory is still legal due to regulatory loopholes, and these crimes are being committed both in person and online throughout the continent.


To counter this, IFAW championed the European Wildlife Action Plan. This 32-point blueprint was released by the European Commission in 2016.

To encourage swift implementation, we engaged with a coalition of NGOs and other diverse stakeholders, including auction houses, faith leaders, scientists, and online retailers in advocacy efforts. We then launched a continent-wide campaign to ban the ivory trade.

In addition to online ivory sales, we found that nearly 12,000 endangered animals were being offered in digital marketplaces across Europe. So, we ramped up our work with companies to shut down these markets. And together, we helped launch the Global Wildlife Cybercrime Action Plan in 2018.

When ifaw polled citizens across the EU, we found that 65% would support a ban on the ivory trade.

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Wildlife Crime Prevention - Europe
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