SOS Dolfijn: Marine Mammal Rescue - Netherlands

Pollution is killing marine mammals. We’re saving them.

Animals all over the world face real threats.

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SOS Dolfijn empowers and connects volunteers to rescue vulnerable marine life in the North Sea.


Discarded plastic, invasive fishing gear, and harmful ocean noises pose constant threats to the whales, dolphins, and harbour porpoises in the North Sea.

All along the coasts of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and northern France, marine mammals wash ashore, isolated and unable to return to the water.

One by one, the North Sea loses a life, and a delicate ecosystem comes under threat.


A few years ago, we partnered with the Dutch whale rescue organization SOS Dolfijn, training volunteers and coordinating efforts to save stranded marine mammals at a moment’s notice.

More than 75 volunteers are ready day and night for rescues on the coast of the North Sea.

We rescue marine life. We educate the public on conservation. We clean beaches. And together, we save lives.

Over the past 10 years, SOS Dolfijn returned 40 harbour porpoises to sea after rehabilitation.

every problem has a solution, every solution needs support.

The problems we face are urgent, complicated, and resistant to change. Real solutions demand creativity, hard work, and involvement from people like you.

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SOS Dolfijn: Marine Mammal Rescue - Netherlands

Animals all over the world face real threats.

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