IFAW is dedicated to ensuring that the Hunting Act 2004 is enforced across the UK so that British wildlife continues to be protected from the cruel reality of hunting with dogs.

Our enforcement work is proving very effective in helping bring law breakers to court and spreading the word that flouting the law will not be tolerated by police forces and also the public.

To document the activities of hunts across the country, IFAW’s dedicated team of Wildlife Crime Investigators works together to gather film footage and other evidence to check whether hunts are abiding by the law and to help to prosecute those who are hunting illegally.  These dedicated professionals, which include ex-police officers, have extensive experience monitoring and observing hunting behaviour in the field as well as expertise in investigations and prosecutions.

The work of the IFAW team, and close collaboration with other interested organisations and enforcement agencies, has resulted in numerous successful public and private prosecutions by IFAW, the RSPCA and the League against Cruel Sports amongst others.

Equipped with sophisticated equipment and using highly professional surveillance methods, our Wildlife Crime Investigators brave all weathers and also threats from hunters so they can gather essential evidence in the fight against criminals who insist on flouting the law and continue to hunt illegally.  Show your support of this campaign by taking action.

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