Why we raise bees at our headquarters

Oct 7 2014
Why we raise bees at our headquarters

There are half as many beekeepers as there were two decades ago, and the remaining beekeepers are mostly large-scale pollination services with thousands of hives and millions of bees. Global plant pollination is in decline.

On the passing of Frederic Chemay: Belgian IWC Commissioner

Oct 6 2014
On the passing of Frederic Chemay: Belgian IWC Commissioner

Frederic Chemay.It is with great sadness that we here at IFAW learned of the passing of Frederic Chemay on Sept. 30th at only 53 years of age.

As the Belgian IWC Commissioner Fred was a passionate advocate on behalf of whales. He would not be swayed from doing what he thought was in the best interest of marine mammals.

WATCH: Rescue team, Philippine army find few animals during Volcano Mayon aerial survey

Oct 6 2014

Something as simple as a piece of rope has helped save thousands of lives, both humans and animals, in the Albay Province of the Philippines.

À l’occasion de la Journée mondiale des animaux, IFAW met à l’honneur l’éducation

Oct 4 2014
À l’occasion de la Journée mondiale des animaux, IFAW met à l’honneur l’éducatio

Plus jeune déjà, j’étudiais des volumes entiers de l’Encyclopædia Britannica pour découvrir les trésors du règne animal. C’est cette première introduction à la vie sauvage qui m’a amené plus tard à me consacrer à la défense de la nature et des animaux qui y vivent.

La jeunesse d’aujourd’hui a bien changé et ne se rend guère plus à la bibliothèque comme nous le faisions vous et moi.

День тигра

Sep 29 2014
Как всегда было очень нарядно, ярко, весело и зажигательно

В этом году День Тигра в Приморском крае проводился в пятнадцатый раз. Лично я первый раз приняла в нем участие  в 2007 году.  


Амурских тигров спасают, но популяция по-прежнему под угрозой.

Publication Date: 
Sep 27 2014

Международный фонд защиты животных (IFAW) в 12-й раз  участвует в намеченном на 28-е сентября Дне Тигра во Владивостоке.

WATCH: How the Maasai community is making the Amboseli elephant corridor project a success

Oct 3 2014

The Maasai of the Olgulului/Ololarashi Group Ranch (OOGR) have rallied behind the Kitenden Corridor project of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

They showed up in unprecedented numbers to the historic signing of an accord last year that would set aside their lands so that the local migrating elephants could more easily traverse them.

Behaving can be fun

Oct 3 2014
Behaving can be fun

Another day in the office for Safari.

In the second installment of the IPAW Doggy Diaries series, my dog Safari gives us an overview of her recent experience of dog school. 

Safari – lives with Supporter Relations Manager, Naomi Schofield