Waiting hopefully on injured ele Dhara, displaced from her herd during massive flooding in India

Fri, 07/13/2012
Dhara pokes her head out of the nursery building. Credit: IFAW/S.Bararuah

Dhara gets an x-ray. Credit: IFAW/S.BarbaruahDhara, an elephant calf, came to us on June 28th.

She had been hit by a car as she rushed across the highway in her efforts to find higher ground. Dhara is one of thousands of wild animals stricken by the deadly monsoon season we’re experiencing in the northeast Indian state of Assam.

WATCH: Spotlight Russia: the first rule of moving bear cubs, you can’t say a word

Tue, 07/17/2012

It’s time for our cubs to abandon the little lair-homes that served as their shelters during the initial months of their existence and go out into the forest. But, since they’re not familiar with humans, not domesticated animals, and can’t be moved in someone’s arms or walked into the woods by leash, the move to the forest is a serious operation.

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Wilderei per Kanu in Malawi

Mon, 07/09/2012
So genannte „Subsistenzfischer“ bauen einen Einbaum.

Mike Labuscagne, Leiter unseres Elefantenschutzprojekts im Liwonde-Nationalpark in Malawi hat der IFAW-Zentrale folgenden Beitrag zukommen lassen.

Im Januar 2011 habe ich Mike und sein Projekt besucht und konnte mich mit eigenen Augen von den Grausamkeiten überzeugen, die die so genannten „Subsistenzfischer“ dort anrichten. Angesichts der heutigen wirtschaftlichen Zusammenhänge sind auch sie nur Handlanger der großen Wildtierhändler, die in alarmierendem Ausmaß Wildtiere ausrotten. - JK

Former les agents des forces de l’ordre en Asie centrale pour mieux lutter contre le trafic d’espèces sauvages

Fri, 06/29/2012
Former les agents des forces de l’ordre en Asie centrale pour mieux lutter contr

Une participante kazakhe passe la douane en portant ostensiblement un bracelet en ivoire illégal.Quelque 30 agents de douane, de la police frontalière et de la protection des espèces sauvages du Kazakhstan, de l’Ouzbékistan, du Tadjikistan, du Kirghizistan et de Mongolie se sont réunis à Almaty, au Kazakhstan

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VIDEO: Joint INTERPOL Operation WORTHY takes down ivory traffickers

Mon, 07/16/2012

In 2012, INTERPOL and the International Fund for Animal Welfare teamed up to execute Operation WORTHY, an law enforcement operation with a mission to go after the criminals involved in the illegal trade in elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn.

I was in Zambia with our IFAW crew on the first day of the operation when undercover investigators seized nine crocodile skins and five pairs of ivory tusks.

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