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Helping Dogs and Cats in North American Native Communities
7th March 2011 by adintino
In the Navajo Nation, a vast Native American homeland in the south-western United States, poverty and hardship mean that owne Read more »
Working for a Better World for Pets and Owners
7th March 2011 by adintino
For people on the breadline in Germany, it can be hard looking after a beloved pet. Owners struggle to afford food for themse Read more »
2007 Workshop on Bear Rehabilitation Release and Monitoring
31st May 2007 by smoos
The 2007 International Workshop on the rehabilitation, release and monitoring of bear cubs was organized by the International Read more »
Chronic Oil Pollution in Europe: A Status Report
1st January 2007 by smoos
IFAW is proud to release this comprehensive report investigating the true scale of chronic oiling in EU waters and its impact Read more »