Legallity of Japanese Whaling Freshly Challenged

This past week, IFAW released a legal report, dubbed the London Report on Illegal Whaling, which comes as the Government of
Japan prepares to launch its whaling fleet into international waters
later this week.  You can download the report here:

Download London_panel_11_07.pdf

The Age in Australia, where elections that could directly affect Japanese policy are about to take place, quote the panel coordinator Alberto Szekely as saying:

"Japan's repeated assertion that its whaling activities are
legal is incorrect and misleading..."

With the Japanese fleet only hours away from sailing off to kill 1035 whales in the name of science...and the new Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda paying a visit to Washington this week, there has never been a more crucial moment to take action on behalf of the worlds whales...sign up for our Mobile Whale Network by texting WHALES to GOIFAW and we'll alert you when to take additional actions. 

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