We will rock You – Brian May to address London march against the badger cull

We will rock You – Brian May to address London march against the badger cull
Friday, 31 May, 2013
London, UK

Queen legend Brian May will address a mass gathering of badgers – or at least humans in badger masks – on London’s streets on Saturday June 1st to protest against the imminent badger cull.

May and Bill Oddie will join thousands of people from around the country who are expected to turn out for the event to show their opposition to the Government’s cull.

The killing could start from the beginning of June, but those against it – including top scientists and 30 animal welfare organisations – say that the cull is inhumane and unscientific, and will not help farmers.

Brian May said, “This march really is the people speaking up and saying they don’t want this pointless slaughter in our countryside.  I’ll be there to join them and show my support.  As far as I can tell, it will be a low-key, very peaceful family affair, but I will be delivering a petition with over 228,000 signatures from Brits who are horrified at this crime against our wildlife.”

One of the march organisers, Laurence Moor, from London Against the Cull, said:“We’ve argued against this cull, we’ve disputed the science, we’ve seen over 228,000 people sign a petition, we’ve seen MPs vote overwhelmingly against it – but still the cull goes ahead. Badgers didn't cause bTB and shooting them won't solve it.

“We’re hoping that people from around the country will join us in London on June 1st to put it in black and white for the Government: the cull won’t work, and we don’t want badgers to be killed.”

The peaceful, family-friendly gathering will start at Millbank, near Tate Britain, at 12pm on Saturday June 1st. A small delegation will protest outside Defra’s offices before the badger-march progresses towards Parliament, ending with the delivery of the petition to Number 10 Downing Street.

The march is being directly supported by 10 animal welfare organisations: Animal Aid, Blue Badger, Care for the Wild, Hounds Off, Humane Society International/UK, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW - www.ifaw.org), League Against Cruel Sports, Network for Animals, Save Me and Viva!. Dance troupe The Artful Badger are also supporting the march and will perform on the day.
For more information and to download badger masks, please go to www.londonagainstthecull.org.uk.

  1. Interview and photo opportunities have been arranged for three different locations on the march:

Press and media opportunities

DEFRA, Nobel House 17 Smith Square
1215-1230hrs Saturday 1st June

Brian May, Bill Oddie, and representatives from the organisations involved will make up a delegation to DEFRA on behalf of 220,000 people who have signed a petition against the cull.

Parliament Square, London
1330hrs Saturday 1st June

Brian May, Bill Oddie and others will be available for interview and photographs as the march passes through Parliament Square.

Downing Street, London
1430hrs Saturday 1st June

Brian May, Bill Oddie and others will deliver a petition against the badger cull signed by 220,000 people to Downing Street. There will be opportunities for photographs and interviews. Please note only accredited press will be admitted to Downing Street

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