WATCH: EU voices united in support of the seal product ban – "An inhumane cull"

Thanks to International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) supporters, year after year we have been able to take media and decision makers to the ice as we document the cruelty of commercial seal hunt in Canada. 

Now, many leading Europeans have joined IFAW in defending the European ban on products from the commercial seal hunt in Canada as the Canadian government pursues a challenge to the ban’s legality according to the rules of the World Trade Organisation.

This video below is the first of a three-part series featuring leading voices that IFAW has gathered in support of the ban. -- ED

“Nobody can persuade me that this is a humane cull that in any way can be justified…”

So says David Martin, a Labour Member of the European Parliament, one of six MEPs representing Scotland in Brussels and Strasbourg.  While a panel is expected to rule later this month or next on whether the EU regulation on seal products violates international trade obligations, this member of the European Parliament's International Trade Committee has made his opinions known in this IFAW video.

Following an invitation from IFAW to witness the hunt first hand, Martin’s experience on the Canadian ice in the 1980s made a lasting impression. “Canada’s position on the seal hunt baffles me,” says Martin. “I find it odd that even if they aren’t prepared to ban the hunt, they push Canadian taxpayer dollars into such an event.”


Also on VIDEO: Geneva update on Canada’s WTO challenge to the EU seal import ban

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