Spotlight UK: Going the extra mile for the protection of elephants

IFAW UK Director Robbie Marsland and UK Environment Minister Richard Benyon.On a rare sunny day in central London Emma the Elephant and I had the chance to hand over more than 50,000 demanding shouts from International Fund for Animal Welfare supporters directed at Her Majesty's Government. 

The shouts came in the form of post cards and petitions that we were handing over to Environment Minister Richard Benyon. Emma the Elephant was there for the press cameras and the cards were contained in an overflowing trunk - where else? 

The cards called for an end to the legal trade in ivory that creates a smokescreen for the illegal trade. Illegal poaching of elephants for their ivory is one of the big threats that impact on their survival.

Just twenty years ago there were between four and five times the number of elephants walking on our planet than there are today.

Mr Benyon has listened carefully to IFAW's briefing on this issue, and I'm glad to say that he agrees with us about how important it is to combat poaching by: increasing resources to front line defenders like INTERPOL; enhancing enforcement of existing laws forbidding international trade in ivory and to argue against any further sales of ivory stockpiles.

Therefore, he was pleased to receive the encouragement of IFAW supporters to keep up the good work and has promised to go the extra mile for elephants.


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