In an ironic coming of spring, Canada sets seal quota at 400,000 pups

Markets for seal products are disappearing, and seals need protection from threats like climate change more than ever, but Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans is ignoring its own scientific advice and setting the kill quota for harp seals at 400,000.


We need to keep the pressure on to end this slaughter, and IFAW will be at the seal hunt again this year to bear witness and expose the cruelty.

Please join us - watch, share, take action.


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3 years ago

Do they do this just because they can?

3 years ago

Awful! End the slaughter!

3 years ago

Four hundred thousand??!
Are you trying to annhilate the species?

Stop this unholy slaughter!

3 years ago

STOP this insane slaugtering - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!
So unnecessary, so undignified, so inhumane .......
Gives Canada a very bad reputation :-(

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