IFAW on Instagram, photos from the past week

Are you an animal photo hound? Do you love to browse family, friends and network photos of people's pets and wildlife? Well, we have good news for you as the International Fund for Animal Welfare is now regularly posting to Instagram! Below are just a few highlights from the past week. Be sure to follow the IFAW Instagram account here.

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Cora Bailey
Director, Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW)
Cynthia Milburn, Director, Animal Welfare Outreach & Education
Senior Advisor, Policy Development
Ellie Milano, Program Officer, Companion Animals
Program Officer, Companion Animals
Gail A'Brunzo, IFAW Wildlife Rescue Manager
Wildlife Rescue Manager, IFAW HQ
Jan Hannah
Northern Dogs Project Manager
Kate Nattrass Atema, Program Director, Companion Animals
Program Director, Companion Animals
Veterinarian, DVM, PhD
Veterinarian, DVM, PhD
Manager, Animal Rescue-Disasters