Determined to avoid animals starving in Cyprus, funds finally reach shelters

Disasters affecting people and animals can happen anywhere at any time.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has a great team of people trained and experienced in going to dangerous places to help animals recover – places like Tripoli during the fighting in Libya or Haiti after the earthquake or even Fukushima after the tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster there.

It’s a relatively new experience for IFAW to help disaster victims somewhere in the European Union – especially in a country like Cyprus, where natural disasters are rare.

My concern for the situation in Cyprus grew and grew as the news painted an increasingly bleak picture. Eventually I reached out to Marie Anastasi, President of Cyprus Voice for Animals, to find out what was happening to animals on the ground in these difficult financial times.

With bank accounts frozen or only limited access to funds, donations making their way to animal shelters in Cyprus had almost completely stopped. The possibility sheltered animals could die from starvation would become a reality if action wasn’t taken..

I’ve known Marie for some time and we quickly figured out how much emergency grant funding they needed to help them in the short-term while a more sustainable solution could be conceived.

One problem quickly became apparent. If access to bank accounts were being controlled, how do we get these partners the money they need?

Our solution was to wire emergency grant funds to our local partner Marie and Cyprus Voice for Animals who would be able to now purchase  the much-needed food.

Marie reported today that they already have agreements with two pet food suppliers to get the food to shelters immediately. Hopefully in the next few days we will have some photos to share with you of these needy dogs and cats receiving the food they are so desperate for.


You can help IFAW help animals in need by clicking here. Thank you!

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