Cameron’s 'badger cull by numbers’ paints a tragic picture

Today is the 6th of September 2013, and on this day, if you care about England and its natural patrimony, three numbers seem to matter the most:

  • 31
  • 5,000
  • and 300,000

31 is the number of Cabinet members in the UK Government, and these are the people that have been elected to run this country. They were “voted” in because the parties that chose them got enough votes from the general public to be empowered to do so – although that was three years ago, before many voters knew them well. These people are led by David Cameron. They are his team.

5,000 is the number of badgers planned to be killed in the next six weeks in two pilot areas in Gloucestershire and Somerset, with the aim of persuading people that shooting them with shotguns and rifles at night is an effective and “humane” way of eliminating 70% of a local badger population – although the Government has not told anyone what criteria it will use to assess the “success” of such pilots, since it is keeping everything, conveniently, secret.

This 5,000 are the first victims of the misguided cull (but they may not be the last) and, sadly, some of these are already corpses, perhaps in a freezer waiting for a Post Mortem by an official inspector, but most likely being destroyed so there is no evidence left about their condition or how they died.

300,000 is the number of people who have signed the e-petition initiated by Dr. Brian May against this irrational cull before the petition deadline passes tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:38AM.

Over 300,000 UK citizens are telling Cameron’s team, in writing, to “listen” to what they have to say on this issue, that they do not want this badger cull. Almost one third of a million UK citizens are telling Cameron’s team, in writing, to “listen” to what they have to say on this issue, that they do not want this badger cull and instead want to see badgers and cattle vaccinated, because this is the way Bovine TB will be eradicated, not by killing badgers which could actually increase spread of the disease.

The e-petition total now represents more than three times the numbers needed for a Parliamentary debate, more than 40,000 signatures more than the record of any previous official e-petition, and most likely just a fraction of what the final number would have been if the petition could have stayed open for the remaining time the Government plans to keep licensing people to shoot badgers.

A group of 31 people has ordered the massacre of 5,000 protected wild animals while 300,000 members of the public they should be representing, including most independent scientists and wildlife experts, are telling them now that they should not do it.

So, today, if this madness does not stop:

  1. David Cameron MP
  2. Nick Clegg MP
  3. William Hague MP
  4. George Osborne MP
  5. Danny Alexander MP
  6. Theresa May MP
  7. Philip Hammond MP
  8. Dr Vince Cable MP
  9. Iain Duncan Smith MP
  10. Chris Grayling MP
  11. Michael Gove MP
  12. Eric Pickles MP
  13. Jeremy Hunt MP
  14. The Lord Hill of Oareford PC
  15. Owen Paterson MP
  16. Justine Greening MP
  17. Michael Moore MP
  18. Ed Davey MP
  19. Patrick McLoughlin MP
  20. Maria Miller MP
  21. Theresa Villiers MP
  22. David Jones MP
  23. Kenneth Clarke QC MP
  24. Andrew Lansley CBE MP
  25. Sir George Young Bt CH MP
  26. Francis Maude MP
  27. Oliver Letwin MP
  28. David Laws MP
  29. Baroness Warsi PC
  30. David Willetts MP
  31. and Dominic Grieve QC MP

each have these badger death sentences on their hands, and at least 300,000 people urging them to retract them.

This is the tragedy of Cameron’s cull by numbers.

-- JC



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