VIDEO: dieren evacueren op de Filipijnen; vulkaan Mayon staat op uitbarsten

oktober 2, 2014

Meteen na onze landing zondag, ging het IFAW-team samen met lokale partners van de Albay Provincial Veterinary Services op pad voor een tour rondom de Mayon vulkaan op de Filipijnen, om op zoek te gaan naar geschikte evacuatiegebieden, buiten de gevarenzone van 8 kilometer.

Honderden boeren en hun dieren daalden af, op zoek naar veiligheid. Onze teams vingen hen op.


Passing of Frederic Chemay: Belgian IWC Commissioner

Publication Date: 
oktober 2, 2014

It is with great sadness that we here at IFAW learned of the passing of Frederic Chemay on Sept. 30th at only 53 years of age. As the Belgian IWC Commissioner Fred was a passionate advocate on behalf of whales. He would not be swayed from doing what he thought was in the best interest of marine mammals. He was a friend to many, including those of us here at IFAW, and it is unlikely we will see a man of his stature, principles and vision again anytime soon.

He will be missed.

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Brussels, Belgium

VIDEO: animal evacuations continue in the Philippines as Mayon volcano threatens to erupt

oktober 2, 2014

After our arrival on Sunday, the IFAW team, together with local partners from the Albay Provincial Veterinary Services, conducted a full '360 Tour' around the Mayon volcano to identify animal evacuation and pooling areas outside of the 8km danger zone.

Hundreds of farmers and their animals are coming down the slopes of Mayon in search of safety and our teams were there to assist.


New Climate Change & Animals science resources: Free classroom-ready lessons and worksheets for grades 6-10

New Climate Change & Animals science resources for grades 6-10

New "Climate Change & Animals" science resources: Free classroom-ready lessons and worksheets for grades 6-10

oktober 12, 2011

In Chimp Haven können gerettete Labor-Schimpansen ein neues Leben beginnen

september 19, 2014
In Chimp Haven können gerettete Labor-Schimpansen ein neues Leben beginnen

Harper ist überglücklich. © Chimp Haven

Die Bilder zeigen nur drei der über zweihundert Schimpansen, die im Schimpansen-Schutzgebiet Chimp Haven in Louisiana, USA, ein neues Leben beginnen können. Der IFAW unterstützt das Projekt finanziell. Ich denke, die Bilder sprechen für sich selbst.


Congress, approaching lame-duck session, keeps attacking Endangered Species Act

oktober 2, 2014
The U.S. House of Representatives continues to derail the Endangered Species Act

North Atlantic right whale mothers with calves. © NEAQ/Taken under a Scientific Research Permit issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service/NOAA

This blog is one in an ongoing series of intermittent analyses of the United States’ Endangered Species Act. --ED

La campagne de stérilisation de Playa del Carmen bat des records

Littlefoot, le jeune grizzli orphelin, a retrouvé le chemin de la liberté

september 4, 2014

Littlefoot. Photo: NLWSOn pourrait croire que le sort s’acharne contre Littlefoot depuis son plus jeune âge. Mais grâce à sa détermination et, parfois, à l’aide des hommes, ce vaillant petit grizzli a su surmonter chacun des obstacles qui se sont dressés sur son chemin.