Neue Studie zeigt: Handel mit Elfenbein auf US-Portal craigslist floriert

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woe, 04/29/2015
Unmengen von Elfenbein werden über's Internet vertickt
Unmengen von Elfenbein werden über's Internet vertickt

Eine neue Studie des IFAW (Internationaler Tierschutz-Fonds) und der WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) deckt den schwunghaften Handel mit Elfenbein auf US-Seiten des Online-Anzeigen-Netzwerks craigslist auf. Das in den USA gegründete Portal ist mit über 80 Millionen neuen Anzeigen im Monat das größte Unternehmen seiner Art weltweit und auch in Deutschland aktiv.  

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По следу Золушки.

din, 04/28/2015
По следу Золушки. Фото: Бастак.

A track from Zolushka in tire treads in the mud.

Игорь Беляцкий написал блог о поездке на Дальний Восток. - МВ

Helping sea lions in crisis in California

vri, 05/01/2015
Sea lions at Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) in Orange County, California.

Sea lions at Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) in Orange County, California. California sea lions are stranding at an alarming rate. This year, more than 2,500 of these intelligent marine animals have come aground--20 times more than previous years!

Why is this happening?

WATCH: Animal rescuers share experiences responding to Chile floods

woe, 04/29/2015

This month I joined IFAW’s efforts to provide relief for thousands of animals stricken by the historic floods and mudslides in Northern Chile.

Tragically, many animals were caught by the flood and died.

But others are still with their families and they are for the most part able to feed them because dog and cat food is readily available at the moment.

See video

Eilidh Whiteford-Westminster Spokesperson for Fishing, Food and Rural Affairs, Scottish National Party

din, 04/21/2015
Eilidh Whiteford

Eilidh Whiteford The SNP takes matters of animal welfare very seriously and will support all reasonable action to stamp out animal cruelty. Scotland is a nation of animal lovers, and the SNP wants to do all we can to safeguard animal welfare and promote pet responsible ownership.

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Sustainable Communities, Farming and Food

din, 04/21/2015
Llyr Gruffydd

Llyr Gruffydd We support the introduction of a European-level Animal Welfare Commissioner and adoption at all government levels of the new and comprehensive Animal Welfare law to end animal cruelty.

Marisa Heath – Political Advisor on how Conservatives recognise animal welfare matters

din, 04/21/2015
Marisa Heath

Marisa Heath

Conservative County Councillor and Borough Councillor

Conservative Party Member

Runs All Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare with Neil Parish MP

Runs Canine & Feline Sector Group which reports to AHWBE

Former Parliamentary Advisor

Caroline Allen - Green Party spokesperson on animal protection and a working vet

din, 04/21/2015
Caroline Allen

Caroline Allen The Green Party has always taken animal protections extremely seriously, with strong policies and a record of action on these issues by elected Greens; including Green MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas, our MEPs, Assembly Members and councillors across the country.