Bidding against survival

Bidding against survival: The Elephant Poaching Crisis and the Role of Auctions

The Elephant Poaching Crisis and the Role of Auctions in the U.S. Ivory Market

African elephants are facing the biggest crisis in their five million year history, with tens of thousands killed each year to feed ravenous demand in Asia, the United States, and elsewhere. In this market, price tags are as deadly as bullets, and as the bidding for ivory tusks and carvings skyrockets, we must extend the fight to save these regal animals beyond Africa’s savannahs and jungles – to our own shores, where the illegal ivory trade has established a firm outpost.


Dr. Cynthia Moss, IFAW Elephant Expert
IFAW Elephant Expert
Grace Ge Gabriel, Regional Director, Asia
Regional Director, Asia
James Isiche, Regional Director, East Africa
Regional Director, East Africa
Jason Bell, Program Director, Elephants Regional Director, South Africa
Program Director, Elephants, Regional Director, South Africa
Vivek Menon, Director of IFAW partner, Wildlife Trust of India
Senior Advisor to the CEO on Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy