Economics of Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt - 2010 update
1st June 2011 by
Canada’s commercial seal hunt remains an industry predominantly based on the skins of seals aged 3 weeks to 3 months Read more »
Ending Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt
7th March 2011 by
Our first campaign, in 1969, was in protest of the Canadian seal hunt. By the 1980s, our work, and the outrage of millions Read more »
27th October 2010 by
The General Court of the European Union (EU) today rescinded the temporary suspension of the EU regulation banning the trade Read more »
IFAW Celebrates Implementation of EU Ban on Seal Products
19th August 2010 by
The European Union (EU) will implement a ban on the trade of all seal products beginning tomorrow, August 20th, 2010. The Read more »
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