Sierra Leone chimps need help in the wake of Ebola outbreak

Oct 28 2014
Sierra Leone chimps need help in the wake of Ebola outbreak.

Sarah, a resident at TCS, was confiscated when she was offered for sale at a mining company. © Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary“From the sanctuary office, I can hear the siren of the Ebola ambulance as it is responding to yet another suspected case of Ebola.”

WATCH: How animal welfare figures into the pursuit of happiness

Nov 21 2014

There are many reasons why the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescues and protects animals around the globe.

Populations careen toward extinction, and individual animals that are exploited, abused or neglected suffer terribly. This makes many people upset or at least gravely concerned, but how animal well-being affects us directly is hard to measure.

Sechs russische Bären konnten erfolgreich in die Freiheit entlassen werden

Sep 22 2014
IFAW Rehabilitationszentrum hat sechs Bären in die russische Wildnis entlassen.

Die Bären Nestor und Nafanya beeilen sich aus ihren Transportkäfigen hinein in ein Leben in Freiheit zu kommen.

Der folgende Text wurde mir von unserer russischen Kollegin Mila Danilova geschickt:


Two little Canadian grizzly cubs have a lot to be thankful for

Oct 16 2014
Two rescued orphaned cubs enjoy Thanksgiving thanks to Northern Lights.

These orphan cubs say thanks to Northern Lights for their rescue – and for the Thanksgiving Day feast!This past weekend, as many people were tucking in to Thanksgiving dinner and counting their blessings, our cell phones were buzzing with the news that two little grizzly bear cubs were in need of help.

Commissioner-Designate hearings beg the question: Who’s fighting for the Environment at the EU Commission?

Oct 17 2014
Confirmation hearing for EU Commissioner-Designate are underway.

Karmenu Vella of Malta, (left) the EU commissioner-designate responsible for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, answers questions about his confirmation hearing.Brussels has been focused for weeks now on the confirmation hearings of the incoming EU commissioners.

Playa del Carmen: Rettung einer mexikanischen Hündin aus dem Abwasserkanal

Sep 25 2014
In Playa del Carmen retten Bewohner gemeinsam mit dem IFAW einen Hund.


VIDÉO : Peu d’animaux encore en danger aux abords du volcan Mayon

Oct 6 2014

Un simple morceau de corde permet parfois de sauver des milliers de vies humaines et animales, comme cela a été le cas dans la province d’Albay, aux Philippines.


Oct 10 2014
Released Amur tiger Kuzya crosses border into China

There are trans-border corridors between Russia and China created deliberatly for tigers, and we hope that the Chinese authorities will undertake measures to protect Kuzya.