Dolphin stranding numbers update and media round up

IFAW MMRR staff and volunteers bring a dolphin for release back into the sea. c. IFAW/L.WitzkeWith so many questions about the stranding numbers and more than 100 news outlets providing coverage of our amazing Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team efforts, we're going to use this post as our space to keep these items up to date. So keep this post bookmarked as we'll do our best keep the latest news posted here. 


UPDATED 2.27.12

  • Total number of dolphins stranded: 179

  • Number of dolphins found dead: 108

  • Number of dolphins found alive: 71

  • of the 71 animals found alive:

  • 53 were successfully released (75%)

NOTE: only trained volunteers are able to assist in rescues and we encourage interested people from the Cape Cod area to sign up on our form here. As soon as this event is over, the MMRR team will look at scheduling trainings for new volunteers to happen this spring and fall.

Here, below, find an updated version of the tool we've been using to highlight media coverage from around the world, including posts from our own team here at IFAW Headquarters.

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3 years ago

I wish to donate to the dolphin rescue, where can I do that??

3 years ago

Like the storify integration

3 years ago

Waiting for the tides to come back into wellfleet beaches seems like a long time off when dealing with a life. Why not try a crack at engine powered land relief. ATV's, heck I even saw a Snowmobile hover over a lake at the right speed. Why wouldn't it handle a little wellfleet muck....

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