Sun, 08/05/2012
Spotlight Dubai: A Dutchman turns a hobby into a crime

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Environment and Water has filed complaint against the man after it sent their inspectors to his house in Dubai not only once but twice. The ministry’s inspectors found the man trading in fighting roosters, lemurs, toco toucans and other CITES species.

Six years ago, the Dutch manager started his work with animals as a hobby but later turned importing most of species from Holland and selling them to the markets together with his wife.

Apparently he used to keep them on his farm and selling them later. He even had no problem selling sick animals.

According to the court, the man left dead animals in cages and sick animals without proper medical care.

He is accused of practicing illegal wildlife trade, selling without license, violating UAE federal Law No. 11 of 2002, abusing animals and failing to provide the medical care to sick animals. The man has denied all the charges.

IFAW’s office in Dubai is working closely with government bodies in the UAE to combat wildlife trafficking. Recently IFAW conducted a two-day training course on the prevention of wildlife trafficking in cooperation with the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water. Eighteen participants were from the ministry.