Q&A: Charles Mbao, Commander at Zambia’s Special Anti-Poaching Unit, on World Ranger Day

Vie, 07/31/2015
Commander Mbao has been working in wildlife protection and conservation for 25 y

Today, as we celebrate World Ranger Day, I had the privilege of sitting down to talk to Commander Charles Mbao from the Zambia Wildlife Authority’s (ZAWA) Special Anti-Poaching Unit (SAPU). An IFAW team is spending a few days here in Kafue National Park, one of the world’s largest parks, protected by Commander Mbao and incredibly dedicated individuals from ZAWA and our friends at Game Rangers International.

Tragedy of Cecil: Leader of pride, victim of trophy hunt

Mar, 07/28/2015
La tragédie du lion Cecil, une icône nationale victime de la chasse aux trophées

Jeff Flocken comments on CNN on the trophy hunt that led to the killing of Cecil the lion.  

Earlier this month, Cecil the Lion – a local celebrity who had reached iconic status amongst visiting tourists and researchers - was lured with food out of the safe confines of a national park in Zimbabwe.

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Löwe Cecil wird tragisches Opfer der grausamen Trophäenjagd

Mar, 07/28/2015


Jeff Flocken spricht auf CNN über die Trophäenjagd, die zum Abschuss des Löwen Cecil geführt hat.

Der Löwe Cecil war eine lokale Berühmtheit. Bei Touristen und Wissenschaftlern hatte er Kultstatus. Anfang des Monats hatte man ihn jedoch mit Futter aus den sicheren Gefilden eines Nationalparks in Simbabwe herausgelockt.

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Am Internationalen Tag des Tigers vermissen wir einen leidenschaftlichen Tigerschützer

Mié, 07/29/2015
In den letzten 25 Jahren leitete Peter Pueschel die IFAW-Kampagnen zur Bekämpfun

Es ist wieder einmal der Internationale Tag des Tigers.

Domestic violence/animal abuse project continues to grow in Netherlands

Jue, 07/30/2015
The domestic violence project finds animals a loving home and the peaceful envir

The domestic violence project finds animals a loving home and the peaceful environment they need. Blijf van mijn Dier is a new domestic violence and animal abuse project that has been offering animal abuse victims temporary shelter with host families.