Tough choice: Which MEP did the most for animal welfare?

Mon, 03/16/2015
Bas Eickhout Greens/EFA, NL

It is time once again to choose the MEP who has done the most for animal welfare in Europe!

This really is one of the highlights of the year for those of us here at IFAW. It is incredibly heartening to look back and see the dozens of MEPs who care as passionately about animal welfare as millions of other EU citizens.

To that end, it is quite hard to limit the list of MEPs who are eligible but the editorial staff at parliament magazine have somehow winnowed the list down to three familiar faces.

Canned! No more lion trophy imports

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Fre, 03/13/2015
Canned! No more lion trophy imports
Canned! No more lion trophy imports

IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare) welcomes Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s ban on the import of African lion parts obtained through the particularly cruel method of ‘canned’hunting.

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Sydney, AU
Jilea Carney (IFAW AU)
Rebekka Thompson-Jones (IFAW AU)
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Team rescues wayward harp seal in danger

Fre, 03/13/2015
Wayward seal in need of rescue – simply in the wrong place.

Wayward seal in need of rescue – simply in the wrong place.Throughout the year IFAW’s Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team brings on a number of interns and apprentices who gain valuable experience responding with staff to reports of marine mammals in distress along Cape Cod’s shores.

Follow momma dog Kiki and her 8 puppies for the next 5 weeks!

Fre, 03/13/2015
Kiki's eight beautiful four-week-old puppies.

This is Kiki, and these are her eight beautiful four-week-old puppies.This is Kiki, and these are her eight beautiful four-week-old puppies. The little family is currently in the care of IFAW Project Manager Dr. Erika Flores, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

IFAW: два десятилетия деятельности в защиту животных в России. «Сердечное спасибо всем, кто поздравил нас с юбилеем!»

Fre, 03/13/2015

20 лет назад Международный фонд защиты животных IFAW начал свою деятельность в России. Защита различных видов животных, находившихся под угрозой, и поддержка российских ученых в трудные годы стали одними из исновных направлений работы фонда.


Victoria’s secret: koalas dying out of sight and out of mind

Sam, 03/14/2015
One of Cape Otway’s koalas

One of Cape Otway’s koalasLike me, I imagine you are saddened at the news that came to light last week that nearly 700 koalas were euthanized at Cape Otway in Victoria over the last couple of years.

An expanded reprieve for marine wildlife

Don, 03/12/2015
Our National Marine Sanctuaries are havens for marine life.

Our National Marine Sanctuaries are havens for marine life.After the majority of the public commented in its favor last summer, the long-awaited plan to expand the Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries has cleared one of its last hurdles.

Whalefest comes to Brighton

Don, 03/12/2015
Whalefest comes to Brighton

This weekend IFAW will be joining with dozens of other charities, whale watch operators and general whale enthusiasts to celebrate all things whale related as part of the fourth annual Whalefest event in Brighton (March 14 and 15).

Around 10,000 visitors of all ages are expected to converge by the seaside to find out more about these gentle giants of the sea, how to protect them from the many threats they face and where to enjoy seeing them in the wild.

An EU response to the African Wildlife Crisis

Don, 03/12/2015
IFAW calls for a Conservation Strategy for Africa to be developed to guide Europ

IFAW calls for a Conservation Strategy for Africa to be developed to guide Europe’s interventions in Africa.IFAW has long called for Europe to play its part in conserving our natural heritage and end the poaching crisis besetting some of the most end

Warum sind Naturschutzgebiete so wichtig für russische Tiger?

Fre, 02/13/2015
Zolushka. © Bastak Nature Reserve

Zolushka. © Bastak Nature ReserveVor ein paar Tagen erreichten uns fast zeitgleich Neuigkeiten von unseren Amurtigerweibchen Zolushka (auch Cinderella genannt) und Ilona.

Die moderne Technik fasziniert mich immer wieder.

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