The AA family; where Amboseli elephant research began

Die, 11/22/2011
Angelina (left) and Ava reassure the new calf

Angelina (left) and Ava reassure the new calfWorking in Amboseli is a pleasure and a privilege that I’m happily becoming accustomed to. I’ve explained the history of the project and the biology of elephants countless times already, but every so often the sheer longevity, of the project and of the elephants themselves, really strikes home.

VIDEO: Sammy the monkey Needed a Lift

Die, 11/22/2011

Sammy in his new digs at Jungle Friends.Douglas Zoo in Douglas AZ was closing. “People just aren't coming out," the zoo owner said. "People don't have the money to spend." The owner couldn’t afford the permits, the food, or anything else due to the lack of business.

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Western Australian sharks saved from cull

Mit, 11/16/2011
Source: The Government of Western Australia website

It’s great to start the day with some good news and in the animal welfare game sadly it’s not all that common.

Egypt seeks to establish a wildlife sanctuary for endangered species

Sam, 11/12/2011
Wildlife seen in a sanctuary in India.

Egypt’s Environment and Water Bodies police, the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation and the Ministry of State for Environment Affairs, are studying the prospect of establishing a wildlife sanctuary in Egypt. The mission of this sanctuary would be to give wild animals that are seized an area to live and to be protected for the rest of their lives, which would help reduce wildlife smuggling and trafficking.

Whales are David to oil and gas Goliaths

Die, 11/15/2011
© S. Portelli

The struggle to protect the marine region of North-west Australia is turning out like a kind of twisted David and Goliath battle, where mighty whales are the little guys and humans are the giants.

VIDÉO : Libye, les animaux du zoo de Tripoli ont reçu les médicaments

Fre, 09/16/2011

Dans cette courte vidéo produite par le Fonds international pour la protection des animaux, le Dr Ian Robinson nous informe du progrès continu dans l’approvisionnement en produits médicaux pour les animaux du zoo de Tripoli. 

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In this short video produced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare Dr. Ian Robinson gives us an update on the continuing progress and delivery medical supplies to benefit the animals at the Tripoli Zoo.

New oil leases make a mockery of Australian marine protection plans

Mon, 11/21/2011

It’s often suggested that governments seek to release bad news when people are least likely to be looking, and by most people’s reckoning Friday is a good day to bury bad news. Although I’m sure the oil and gas industry won’t view it as bad news, the Friday just gone was certainly bad news for marine protection and the whales and dolphins that live off the coast of North-western Australia.

The Loss of Zeke

Fre, 11/18/2011
IFAW CEO Fred O'Regan and his dog Zeke.

IFAW CEO Fred O'Regan and his dog Zeke.Zeke was a big goofy Rhodesian Ridgeback and my best friend.  He passed away earlier this year and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.

Taming South African challenges means accepting long days

Fre, 11/18/2011
Puppies in South Africa's Soweto district.

South African puppies in the Soweto district.The International Fund for Animal Welfare CLAW project has been lauded on many occasions for their daily efforts to improve the lives of both animals and people living in Soweto and surrounding areas...and rightly so, as the work carried out by the team o