Rita Miljo, founder of C.A.R.E. – Tribute from IFAW

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Mon, 07/30/2012
achive photo  © IFAW/Jon Hrusa
achive photo  © IFAW/Jon Hrusa

IFAW has learned with sorrow of the tragic passing of Rita Miljo, founder of the Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education (C.A.R.E.), a devoted and tireless champion for the cause of baboons in South Africa and primates around the world.

Mrs Miljo died in a fire that devastated C.A.R.E.’s premises near Phalaborwa, in the Northern Province on Friday, killing her and her dear “friend’ Bobby, a female Chacma baboon she rescued in Namibia in the late 1980s. Bobby was the inspiration for Mrs Miljo starting C.A.R.E. Three more baboons also died in the blaze.

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Spotlight Mexico: distemper outbreak in Cozumel

Fre, 07/27/2012
Spotlight Mexico: distemper outbreak in Cozumel

Eli in the picture is showing the match of her collar and Victor’s bracelet.During the month of June and beginning of July there was another outbreak within the island and also inside the shelter.

Spotlight Africa: Adoption dramas in Amboseli

Fre, 07/27/2012
Elfrida leading the EA family, her "twins" following her

Elfrida leading the EA family, her "twins" following herI’m typing quietly today, because as I write this in my tent in the research camp, part of the EA family is feeding about 20 metres away from me. They all look fat and healthy, like the rest of the Amboseli elephant population, thanks to our good rains.

SLIDESHOW: Seize (of) the Day!

Mon, 07/30/2012
Seize (of) the Day!

Customs Officer Brisbane Kotaru with some of the seized butterflies.Last week in Honiara, capital of the Solomon Islands, the local Customs Intelligence Team intercepted and seized a consignment of four parcels.

Last chance to show your support for Australian Marine Reserves

Son, 07/29/2012
Last chance to show your support for Australian Marine Reserves

Last month a historic proposal was revealed that would make Australia home to the world’s largest network of marine protected areas.

If you haven’t seen the consultation paper, you can download it here. For IFAW’s breakdown of what the marine reserves will mean for you as a water-loving Australian you can read my earlier post here.

Australia’s unsung wildlife heroes

Don, 07/26/2012
A Wallaroo ‘pinkie’ is nurtured back to health

Orphaned joeys recuperate in the 'Roo room'.My first day in the job as Native Wildlife Campaigner for the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Australia, I arrived in Townsville, North Queensland for the eighth Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference.

Blessée et séparée de son troupeau par de terribles inondations en Inde, Dhara est désormais entre les mains des vétérinaires

Fre, 07/13/2012
Dhara sort la tête par la fenêtre de la clinique. Crédits : IFAW/S.Bararuah

Radiographie de Dhara. Crédits : IFAW/S.BarbaruahLe 28 juin dernier, nous avons accueilli Dhara, un éléphanteau femelle.  

Dhara fait partie de ces milliers d’animaux sauvages frappés par la mousson mortelle qui sévit actuellement dans l’État d’Assam, au nord-est de l’Inde.

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Wild Animal Orphanage tiger rescue: On the road!

Fre, 11/12/2010
Rescued tiger

One of the three tigers being moved is checked.

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Bali, Titan and Java are now making their way to their new home at the Carolina Tiger Rescue sanctuary in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Their life-changing voyage started early yesterday morning in San Antonio when IFAW staff met with colleagues from the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO) and the Texas Animal Resource Team (TXSART) near the big cat enclosures at 7:00 am.

WATCH + READ: recent dolphin strandings bring daunting memories of winter

Don, 07/26/2012
WATCH + READ: recent dolphin strandings bring daunting memories of winter

I had the privilege of spending a week working with the Sarasota Dolphin Research Project in Sarasota, Florida last week.  It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from other researchers and to further refine our health assessment and satellite tagging.  It was rewarding and a bit exhausting.  I arrived home a bit late Saturday night, having just a couple of hours to spend with my family before crashing.  My plan for Sunday was to spend a wonderful and relaxing day at home.

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