IFAW Memorandum Commitee II Issues

IFAW Memorandum Commitee II Issues 2013-Feb-12

The overuse of the secret ballot voting procedure
has the potential to erode transparency and undermine
multilateral decision-making. While there is merit in
retaining the option of secret ballots, moving toward
a system that requires the support of more than a
nominal fraction of the Parties is important to maintaining
the integrity of the decision-making process.
Other treaties, including the Ramsar Convention and
the Convention on Migratory Species, only conduct
votes by secret ballot when a motion for a secret ballot
has been approved by a majority of Parties present and


Azzedine Downes,IFAW President and CEO
President and Chief Executive Officer
Beth Allgood, Campaigns Director, United States
Campaigns Director, United States
Cynthia Milburn, Director, Animal Welfare Outreach & Education
Senior Advisor, Policy Development
Dr. Cynthia Moss, IFAW Elephant Expert
IFAW Elephant Expert
Dr. Ian Robinson, Vice President, Animal Welfare and Conservation
Vice President, Animal Welfare and Conservation
Grace Ge Gabriel, Regional Director, Asia
Regional Director, Asia
Kelvin Alie, Programme Director, Wildlife Trade
Programme Director, Wildlife Trade
Patrick Ramage, Program Director, Whales
Program Director, Whales