IFAW African elephant population transfer

IFAW African elephant population transfer 2013-Feb-12

Parties are required to consider information provided by a Panel of Experts when making decisions about the
placement of elephants on the CITES Appendices. Resolution Conference 10.9 establishes this requirement,
and outlines the process by which the Panel of Experts is convened, the terms of reference for the Panel’s
evaluation of elephant listing proposals, and the level of consideration to be given to the Panel’s findings
by the Parties in making decisions about whether to support or oppose proposals to amend the listing for
African elephants. Thus, Res. Conf. 10.9 provides an added layer of evaluation that can be very useful and
informative to Parties when evaluating often controversial proposals dealing with downlisting of elephants
and trade in elephant ivory.


Azzedine Downes,IFAW President and CEO
President and Chief Executive Officer
Beth Allgood, Campaigns Director, United States
Campaigns Director, United States
Cynthia Milburn, Director, Animal Welfare Outreach & Education
Senior Advisor, Policy Development
Dr. Cynthia Moss, IFAW Elephant Expert
IFAW Elephant Expert
Dr. Ian Robinson, Vice President, Animal Welfare and Conservation
Vice President, Animal Welfare and Conservation
Kelvin Alie, Programme Director, Wildlife Trade
Programme Director, Wildlife Trade
Patrick Ramage, Program Director, Whales
Program Director, Whales