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Thu, 10/06/2005
The Federal Government has upheld its long-held policy banning trophy hunting of Australian native animals for export.

Senator Campbell has today ruled (6 October) against a proposal by the Northern Territory Government to allow up to 25 crocodiles to be killed by commercial trophy hunters. Plans included the export of crocodile parts, such as heads and skins.

IFAW Asia Pacific Campaigner Rebecca Brand said: “Upholding the ban on the trophy hunting of crocodiles in the Northern Territory is a common-sense and very welcome decision.

“The Minister has put a stop to an unnecessary and inhumane proposal, which would have been a huge backward step for Australia as an environmentally-friendly country.

“IFAW wrote to the Minister on a number of occasions to express its concerns. Allowing native Australian wildlife to be hunted by foreign tourists for sport is completely unjustifiable.”

IFAW supporters also wrote hundreds of letters to Senator Campbell urging him to oppose the proposal.

Ms Brand added: “The Minister’s decision is a sound and sensible one. There certainly would have been wider implications for Australian wildlife if this proposal had gone ahead as it would have set a dangerous precedent and reversed a long-held policy.”

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Sydney, Australia
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Jennifer Walters, (IFAW, Asia Pacific)
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