IFAW Supports the Release of Another Peregrine Falcon in Russia

A female Peregrine Falcon, approximately 1st year old, was released into the wild this week in the Altai region of Russia.

The bird was admitted to the Wild Animal Rescue Centre on the request of Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federationand Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Management (Rosprirodnadzor) last fall when it was seized with a group of Saker falcons.  All the falcons were poached in Altai-Sayan area.Peregrine_1

The Sakers were released on November 12, 2007 but at that time it was too late for the Peregrine falcon to be released since this species migration had already finished.

Since Novemeber, the Peregrine falcon was kept in the largest flight enclosure at the Rescue centre and by the time of it's release it was in very good flying condition.

A site for the falcon release was selected in the valley of the river Ob’ not far away from Barnaulcity. The area is the typical habitat for this species and protected as regional nature reserve “Kislukhinskiy”.

Immediately after transport container was opened the falcon flew up and started soaring above the valley. It was lost from the sight in 10 minutes. But after some time the falcon was seen again soaring high above.

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