News Round-up: Champion for Animals and The Slow Loris Is Just Too Slow


1. Hussein Ture, one of Kenya's most notorious elephant poachers, was shot dead last month by the Kenya Wildlife Service in Tsavo National Park. He is responsible for killing at least 17 elephants and was a major contributor to the illegal ivory trade. The park, with its rolling volcanic landscape, is the largest in Kenya and known for its elephant and buffalo herds. Poaching is a major problem in Africa and IFAW has worked closely with partners like the KWS to increase security in places like the Tsavo National Park.

2. Again trophey hunting is in African news (#3 in this previous blog post). This time the Zambian government is wanting to persuade the US Fish and Wildlife Service to allow US citizens to bring "trophies" back into the US. Also, the debate in South Africa over canned hunting continues as the March 2007 launch date for hunting approaches.

3. The slowest moving animal on earth is becoming a valued commodity in wildlife trade. The nocturnal, slow loris of southeast Asia is being hunted for medicinal reasons (they bring magical power to rid of danger) and for pet trade.

4. Hopefully the Japanese governemt will feel the burn of the money wasted in trying to pusuade the Cuba governement to resume the trade of sea turtles. Cuba put off a decision, despite the pressure.

5. The Tibetan antelope is making a comeback!!! Once widely poached for their wool, known as shahtoosh, it appears the species population is recovering. With the onset of the shahtoosh fashion craze of the late 1980s in Europe and the U.S., wild chiru populations plummeted to around 75,000.

6.  Finally, this month, we are encouraging our blog readers to sign up to become “Champions for Animals,” IFAW’s monthly giving program.  For as little as $5 per month, you can make a major commitment to IFAW’s to feed, shelter and rescue animals in danger. Please consider becoming a monthly contributor.

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