WATCH: EU voices united in support of the seal ban – "Taking action"

In case you missed it, be sure to WATCH: EU voices united in support of the seal product ban – "An inhumane cull"

Michel Vandenbosch, founder of the Belgian animal welfare organization GAIA (Global Action in the Interest of Animals), worked tirelessly for the introduction of a national ban on the import of seal products into the EU. The ban was finally passed in 2007.

Three years prior, he was invited by IFAW to witness the commercial seal hunt together with two Belgian politicians.

The experience left him horrified, but made him determined to stop the bloody hunt. “What was happening there was hell on ice,” he says in this accompanying video.

Vandenbosch was part of a coalition that gathered to protest at the European Parliament, where a panel is now considering whether the ban on seal products violates trade obligations. “People were coming together to share one cause: the fate of hundreds of thousands of seals,” he says.

“The animal movement can be so strong when we are able to be united.”


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