WATCH: elephants are architects of the savannah, gardeners of the forest

Elephants are a keystone species that play a vital role in maintaining the biodiversity in the areas where they range.

Without elephants, the savannah would be endless, unattractive bush and it wouldn’t be much good for cattle if you were trying to keep a cattle ranch open. In the forest, dozens of important hardwoods can propagate only if its seed has passed through the gut of an elephant. The seeds are disperse miles away from where they were consumed.

The world would be a much poorer place if we did not have elephants, researcher Vicki Fishlock also wants you to know in this video. Take a look.

To help preserve elephants, go on an eco-friendly safari. If you can’t do that, donate. And if you can’t do that, talk to your family, friends and neighbors about the need to protect elephants against habitat destruction and poaching for their ivory.


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