Mourning the passing of a passionate Pakistani animal advocate

Ravi Foundation Executive Director, Mr. Ashfaq Fateh with friend. c. IFAWWith great sorrow, the Ravi Foundation in Pakistan has announced to The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) the passing of its Executive Director, Mr. Ashfaq Fateh.  

Ashfaq was a close associate of IFAW and was deeply involved as a community leader and organizer for a large number of causes including animal welfare and protection, interfaith harmony, women's rights, and peaceful Indian-Pakistani relations.

IFAW has long supported Ashfaq and the work of the Ravi Foundation, aka Mary Jean Foundation Trust Pakistan, which is located in the district of Toba Tek Singh.

Ashfaq and his teams have rescued countless animals caught in monsoon floods vaccinated animals against disease outbreaks and responding to other animal crisis situations, while speaking out for the establishment of an animal friendly society.

Ashfaq has inspired both IFAW and the people of Pakistan with his endless dedication, courage, and vision towards peace and consideration for all living things.

Ravi Foundation has appointed Mrs. Rafia Ashfaq, Ashfaq’s wife as his successor.

Everyone here at IFAW looks forward to a continued, rewarding relationship with the Foundation in its advocacy for animal welfare and protection.


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