Canadian Northern Dogs: do you have what it takes to house a country crooner?

Hank the crooner.Emmy’s pups, who came south from the Northern Dogs Project at three weeks of age, have been busy growing and learning from one another and their human fosterers.  Named after some of country music’s singing sensations, Hank, Patsy, Dixie, Gretchen, Faith, Reba and the rest of the gang are ready to find their own homes. 

Each has blossomed into their own individual personality -- like Hank who is one of the yellows and the biggest of the bunch. 

Hank is a pretty mellow pup who loves his toys and carries them everywhere with him.

Reba.He also loves the company of other dogs, cats and especially people. Or Patsy, who is the smallest of the bunch but makes up for her small stature with lots of personality. She is very outgoing and loves to be where the action is, whether that action include people or other animals. 

All the pups are healthy, happy and although they don’t know it yet, they are about to step onto the stage and begin their full time career… as family members. 

Thank you to Paws United Rescue in London Ontario for taking in this litter of pups and giving them a such a solid and loving start. 

If you think you have what it takes to give a famous country crooner what he or she deserves, contact Amanda or Alicia at or Jan Hannah at

-- JH

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