5 animal welfare posts you may have missed

c. IFAWAnother active week here at headquarters gathering, distilling and publishing news about IFAW team efforts for animals from around the world.

We've seen a host of news come in from animal welfare forums, events and animal specific rescues; below are only five you may have missed, be sure to sign up for IFAW Action Alerts and check in at our News section frequently for regular updates.

  1. International Polar Bear Forum: Range countries must commit to a conservation strategy with teeth - IFAW CEO Azzedine Downes reports in from Moscow on efforts to strengthen protections for the polar bear.
  2. In Playa del Carmen, neighbors gather during dramatic rescue of Rapunzel the kitten - A wonderful story from our team in Mexico of a community coming together to help save a kitten who had fallen into a sewage pipe. WARNING: VERY CUTE KITTEN PHOTO!
  3. Spotlight Africa: Urgent measures for elephants called for at Botswana Summit - At an emergency meeting, range nations collectively take action in the fight against the ivory trade.
  4. SLIDESHOW: Supporters send in swatches of love for warrior, Lily the dog in South Africa - On the second anniversary of a tragic rescue, amazing messages of love from IFAW supporters are made into quilts for use in comforting animals in need.
  5. EU takes important steps for elephants but the road ahead remains long - The IFAW team in Brussels reports in on MIKES - a programme that will protect the world's most endangered species, covering the 31 African elephant range states as well as selected protected area sites in the Caribbean and Pacific regions.

As always, many thanks for your support and if you have suggestions, or questions; drop us a line using the comments tool below. 

-- J.C.

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