Ellie Milano, Companion Animal Programme Intern

Ellie Milano

Companion Animal Programme Intern

Ellie is currently interning with IFAW’s Companion Animal Programme, which leads and oversees community-based animal welfare projects in South Africa, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, China and Native communities in the United States and Canada.

She also spends part of her time working with IFAW’s Wildlife Rescue team in their efforts to assist wildlife sanctuaries across the United States in finding permanent placement for big cats being held in private ownership.

Before coming to IFAW, Ellie interned with the Conservation Law Foundation, an environmental advocacy organization that uses law and policy to advocate for the protection and improvement of New England’s environment.

Prior to that, she conducted research with Cornell University’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department, studying how environmental change affects population dynamics in aquatic environments. She has spent time volunteering with the Berkshire Humane Society, where she researched and wrote about various companion animals issues.


Bachelor of Science (BS), Biology, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Environmental Studies, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA

Master of Science (MSc) Conservation Medicine, Tufts University, USA