VIDEO: Taucher befreit Delfin von Angelschnur

Mon, 01/28/2013


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Animals & Us

What can we learn from animals? Lots!

Human activities can affect animals—and sometimes jeopardise species that are at risk.

The way to protect animals is to teach our youngest students about different species, why they are important, and how our decisions impact them. IFAW's Animals & Us programme offers classroom-ready resources suitable for students aged 6-10 that share those messages, while building important Key Stage 1 and 2 skills at the same time.

WATCH: dolphin snagged in fishing gear freed by friendly diver

Mon, 01/28/2013

The recent video posting of divers attempting to disentangle a wild dolphin in Hawaii (footage above) reminds me of the many conversations I have had over the years with people about how dangerous entanglements are to marine animals. 

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Wann beginnen die Strandungen wieder?

Thu, 01/24/2013

Als ich am Schreibtisch sitze und über meine anstehenden Vorbereitungen nachdenke, kommt mir unweigerlich die Frage in den Sinn, ob das kommende Jahr genauso turbulent wird wie das letzte. Ich spreche von meiner Arbeit im IFAW-Meeressäuger-Rettungsteam und von der normalerweise von Dezember bis April andauernden Strandungssaison.

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With 2012 behind us, is this the calm before the 2013 dolphin stranding storm?

Thu, 01/24/2013

As I sit at my desk thinking about all the preparations that need to be performed, I can’t help but wonder if it’s going to be another busy year in the world of marine mammal rescue.  

I am referring to the impending marine mammal stranding season that lasts roughly from December through April. 

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Naomi Schofield

Supporter Relations Manager, IFAW Australia

Naomi is the Supporter Relations Manager for the International Fund for Animal Welfare Australia office. Naomi joined the Sydney office in 2009. She describes the best part of her role as being able to liaise with our dedicated supporters on a daily basis. She is often accompanied to the office by her dog Safari.

Naomi Schofield, Supporter Relations Manager, IFAW Australia
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Mon, 11/26/2012

Gulf of Mexico dolphin deaths – a disgusting disgrace!

Fri, 11/23/2012
bottlenose dolphin

wildlife tradeIn the last week, the national press has highlighted a series of events in the Gulf of Mexico regarding dolphin deaths connected to human interactions.

Are no Australian areas safe from Oil and Gas Exploration?

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Mon, 10/15/2012
Kangaroo Island’s Water Are Now A Target Of Bight Petroleum
Kangaroo Island’s Water Are Now A Target Of Bight Petroleum

Kangaroo Island’s Waters Are Now A Target Of Bight Petroleum

IFAW is deeply concerned by today’s application from Bight Petroleum Pty Ltd (an Australian subsidiary of Canadian Bight Petroleum Corp), to conduct deafening seismic surveys in waters off Kangaroo Island. This is an area renowned for many species of marine life and essential for endangered blue whale feeding.

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