Whales are experiencing an unprecedented amount of threats, from commercial whaling to habitat loss. Australia has been at the forefront of whale protection for IFAW, lobbying for better conservation of oceans, helping draft legislation that decreases accidental injuries and making people aware of the animals’ plight. An important segment of our whale research takes place off of Australia’s Kangaroo Island, and whale watching as an alternative to commercial whaling is booming down under. Our Sydney office has been particularly active in pursuing these measures to help whale populations not only stabilize, but thrive.

IFAW has been championing whale protection in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, particularly the Southern Ocean, with a number of initiatives:

Reducing noise pollution

Preventing ship strikes

Campaigning to end commercial whaling

Protecting critical ocean habitats

Supporting whale research

Whale watching

Want to get more involved?  Check out our National Whale Day page and see how you can make a difference and protect Australia's whales and their habitats.

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