IFAW National Whale Day – Saturday 4 June 2016

This federal election, vote Wilbur Whale for whale-friendly policies.

IFAW’s National Whale Day is Saturday 4 June. As it coincides with the federal election campaign, we’re using IFAW’s National Whale Day to highlight the whale-friendly policies we would like to see the next government introduce.

We know it can be hard to feel very motivated about the election, so this year, we thought we’d have a bit of fun. We’re asking: if whales could stand in the election, what would their policies be?

We’re introducing our candidate, Wilbur Whale, and his Whale and Dolphin Party.

You can check out Wilbur’s election posters here.

You can check out all of Wilbur’s policies in his election leaflet. Sadly, Wilbur can’t really stand for election. So we need your help this IFAW National Whale Day, to make sure our politicians hear the call for whale-friendly policies. 

Send a message to political parties standing in this federal election, urging them to commit to whale-friendly policies in the next parliament.

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IFAW’s National Whale Day will be held on Saturday 4 June 2016.

What is IFAW’s National Whale Day?

Launched in 2008 by IFAW, National Whale Day is a celebration of the whales and dolphins that migrate to our coastlines annually and Australia's position as a world leader in whale conservation.

IFAW’s National Whale Day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of, and discuss solutions to, the threats facing whales and their environment including whaling, noise pollution, vessel strikes, marine debris and by-catch, entanglement and climate change.


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