Elephants are the largest land animals on our planet, but size is just the beginning. This mighty species is also one of the world’s most intelligent, social and emotional animals. Yet its future is alarmingly fragile.

Elephants, Never Forget brings the world of elephants — from the African savannah to Asian rain forests — right into your classroom. The lessons and activities also encourage your students to examine and discuss the challenges that threaten the survival of one our most beloved species. There are also creative activities appropriate for younger students - and fun for older ones as well.

Download the education pack (including age appropriate student readings as well as corresponding lesson plans, graphic organisers, and supplements):

Teaching guide and lessons | Primary edition »
For younger readers (ages 8-10)

Teaching guide and lessons | Secondary edition »
For more advanced readers (ages 11-14)

Extra lessons »
Eco-investigators & Elephant adaptations

Calendar wall poster »
2012 calendar featuring student artwork from 2010 Animal Action art contest

Elephant poster »
Beautiful elephant photo with inspirational quote

Take action leaflet with family pledge »
Extension activities that make a difference

Ribbon craft template »
Guide for creating elephant “ribbons” with messages for elephant protection (Action leaflet supplement)

Elephant educational crafts »
Ideal for younger students and informal educators

Elephant fun activities »
Fun facts, word search, matching game and more

Sponsorship form »
Help IFAW help animals with this form for your sponsored event or activity

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New! Worksheets | All about elephants »
IFAW South Africa has partnered with E-Classroom to bring you this set of fun and educational worksheets on elephants for preschool educators and primary students across the country!



Elephants Never Forget Companion Video

Companion video
The companion video is an excellent introduction to the content, concepts and issues presented in the education pack and is appropriate for general youth audiences.

Watch the video online now »

Download the .mov movie file (Warning: 157 Mb) »



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Leonardo DiCaprio

In the past century, the number of elephants in the wild has declined by 50 per cent. Their disappearance could devastate ecosystems and have a lasting impact on the biodiversity of our planet. I hope this program will inspire and empower you to help protect elephants worldwide.”

– Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor & Activist

Elephants Never Forget Ed Pack

World of Elephants Interactive Poster

Based on the printed guide with bonus video, images, and text content, the World of Elephants Interactive poster is perfect for interactive white board lessons and extension activities.

Explore the Interactive poster »