Progress in making websites endangered species free zones

In May we released the results of a study we’d conducted to find out what endangered animal products were available on web platforms based in our region.

The report, Click to Delete delivered some bad news – there were hundreds of items found on websites such as eBay, Gumtree and Trade Me.

Well there’s been some good news since then.

I shared the news in June that eBay had taken the step of blocking the term ‘faux ivory’ on their Australian and US websites but that other websites were still to act.

This month I’m glad to say that Trade Me, the New Zealand based website, has banned the sale of endangered species, including elephant ivory, from its pages, effective as of 17 September.

This is a good move that brings them into line with other comparable sites and one that New Zealand online shoppers will welcome.

The next step is making sure the ban is effective and we’re looking forward to working with Trade Me to do just that. If you shop online at Trade Me you can help too by reporting any items you think contravenes the new policy.

We’re also working with Gumtree to make their existing ban on sale of endangered species more effective and will let you know how we go.


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